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We can help you take your phone communications into the digital age. By moving to a digital phone solution you get full access to your own feature rich cloud based PBX allowing you to utilise both hard phones and softphone solutions. This means you can take your landline anywhere there is internet access as well as using apps on your smart phone. Voice solutions specializes in GPL solutions eliminating ongoing licensing fees and saving you money.

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Voice Solutions are proud to be an authorised 2talk reseller and can help you take your phone communications into the digital age. 2talk are the cheapest digital phone provider in New Zealand providing all the extras without the extra charges. By separating your voice and data you can switch between isp's easily without it effecting your phone system. Take your phone anywhere with internet access.

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@ Home

Voice Solutions can help you pick the perfect 2talk home plan and get everything set up and working the way you want it. 2talk have a huge range of services including: Caller ID, Call Forward, Call Reject on ID, Call Recording, Pin Number Tolls, Voicemail with email and much much more

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@ Work

Voice Solutions can Help you take your PBX online and free your phone system from the shackles of the copper network. With 2talk we can show you how to save money and improve your phone system at the same time. Contact us and we can help you come up with the perfect phone solution.